Licensing FAQ

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1. How does floating license work?

One floating license is needed for each concurrent user. For example, with one floating license, any number of users can have the software installed, but only one can use it at at a time - the others must wait for them to finish using it.

With two floating licenses, again, any number of users can have the software installed, but only two can use it at the same time - the others must wait.

2. What are differences between floating and named licenses?

A floating (roaming) license allows multiple users to share use of the software, whereas a personal (named) license is locked down to a specific user.

3. Can we use same license at different machines or locations?

Yes, you can. There are no restrictions on machines or locations.

For floating license, you can have up to concurrent use of the software you purchased; For personal (named) license, the registered user can use the software on different machines.

4. Is there any annual fees?

We offer two licensing models: Subscription and Perpetual. For perpetual license holders, which is only available for large-volume customers, there is no annual fees.

5. Do you offer upgrade?

Yes. Users with subscription license get free updates within the valid subscription period. For perpetual license holders, We offer 12-month free upgrades. After that, existing TestWise Users get 50% discount on upgrades.

6. How about support?

All licensed users have unlimited access to our support system for the use of the purchased software, Free. We do offer support contracts, see this page.

7. Can I use personal license for commercial purposes?