March releases round-up

By mark.

A busy March sees the following releases.

TestWise 1.2.3

TestWise 1.2.x introduced some very useful features, such as

  • Test Suite
  • Run selected test scripts
I will cover them in detail in coming blog posts.

And the new installer now support uninstalling previous version if any.

PRoR 186-v17

Major changes: upgrade to latest Rails 2.3.2.

rWebUnit 1.2.1

rWebUnit 1.2 sees major documentation updates and new unit tests, and several API enhancements, eg.

try(15) { click_button("Pay") } # wait 'Pay' button for upto 15 seconds

And the API (RDoc) is now available online

Using TestWise for existing Watir scripts

By mark.

TestWise IDE v1.2 adds better support for running Watir scripts directly.

The demo project (project file c:\TestWise\samples\demo\demo.tpr) now includes one test case (TestWise_ajax_xxx) implemented in four different falvours:

  • rWebUnit
  • rWebUnit in RSpec
  • Watir script
  • Watir in RSpec
, which all can be executed in TestWise IDE.

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Easy Setup Watir with PRoR on Windows

By mark.

It is delightful to see Watir gaining popular, attracting more attention outside Ruby world. From many of those testers/developers, tasks such as "downloading Ruby one click installer", "gem install", and "proxy setting behind firewall" might just be too much. One simple solution is using PRoR.

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