Zhimin Zhan, Principal Coach

Zhimin is a genuine expert in both Real Test Automation and Continuous Testing. Unlike numerous individuals who self-proclaim themselves as test automation consultants, Zhimin's achievements are substantiated and well-established. His approach to scripting automated tests, as well as his training and coaching techniques, are highly appreciated due to his hands-on methodology.

Zhimin is a multifaceted expert in the field of Test Automation and Continuous Testing. He is a Coach, Speaker, Author, Trainer, Programmer, and Product Owner who has created several innovative products to enhance software testing. Among his noteworthy accomplishments are the creation of TestWise, a next-generation functional testing tool, and BuildWise, an internationally award-winning Continuous Testing (CT) server.

Zhimin is widely recognized for his pioneering work in Functional Test Refactoring and CT techniques like Auto-Retry and Dynamic Ordering. He was a sought-after speaker at various international software testing conferences, including StarWest (world's most respected), from 2010 to 2013. Starting in 2013, he has been turning down conference invitations and instead choosing to share his expertise through writing.

Zhimin is a prolific author who has authored 11 books on test automation and 2 on programming. He is also a "top software testing writers on Medium", with over 130 articles featured in leading software testing newsletters. In fact, he has been ranked number one in the world for two consecutive years since he started blogging in 2021.

Zhimin's expertise in test automation and continuous testing has enabled him to develop several highly-acclaimed apps such as ClinicWise, SiteWise CMS, and WhenWise, all in his spare time. He firmly believes that Test Automation and CT can significantly increase a software team’s productivity.