FAQ: General

Is it true that Zhimin Zhan will be conducting the training for the whole duration?


What do attendees need to prepare for the training?

Hardware: A computer (Windows or macOS) with a camera, and you can install software on it.
 We will send you the course materials before the training starts.

Are the complimentary software licence and ebooks for the whole group or every participant?

Each participant will receive his/her set of licence and ebooks.

We are in different time zone (not in Australia), it is possible to adjust the course starting time?

Yes, it shall be fine mostly. Please contact our support.

Can the course be rescheduled?

Yes, free of charge for rescheduling if given 2 weeks notice.

If we are unable to attend for an unexpected reason, is it possible to get a refund?

Yes, you will get a refund if you are giving sufficient notice. However, 10% training fee will be forfeited if cancelling a week before. 50% fee will be forfeited if cancelling 24 hours before. No refund will be given if there is no show for the training.

Why the fees of your training are lower comparing to the other training providers?

Here are the reasons that our price is significantly lower than other training providers:

  • We don't hire external instructors
    Most training providers don't keep instructors on the books, they hire on needs. Besides the inconsistent quality of the training, they charge higher fees to cover on-call rates to the instructors.
  • AgileWay's long history shows that maximum financial gain is never our top priority. We want to do things right.
    If we did go for money, we could simply extend the training to 2 days (the standard length is 2-3 days in Australia), or make a large class. We don't do that, simply it is not right. Zhimin has trained and mentored many testers, we are confident that most participants of our 1-day training are capable of doing useful test automation at work on the next day.
    TestWise was priced at US$500 when a typical commercial testing tool was around US$10,000 in 2009. We created tools such as TestWise to only support free, open-source frameworks.
    The reason we can do is, AgileWay is 100% family-owned. If we had accepted the money from VCs, we could not offer this price.
  • We do little marketing
    We don't mind marketing, but we would rather reduce the cost of training.
  • We use our own software for all supporting services
    We have SiteWise for the web site, SupportWise for our support system, and WhenWise for bookings. All these will help to reduce the cost of running the business and training.
    (How could we develop so many software? The answer is that we do test automation and continuous testing. If these are done properly, 10x productivity gain can be a reality)
  • We automate our process
    Zhmin developed a set of scripts that automate a large part of training supporting services. We don't need to hire a dedicated training coordinator. If we do, the price will be surely higher. Yes, automation does save time and money.
  • Leverage the materials and resources that Zhimin has acquired over 14+ years
    The training content, including test sites (by the way, we created ourselves), is a result of Zhimin's over a decade's work in the test automation and continuous testing.

FAQ: Live Online Training

What is Live Online Training?

The instructor teaches as in the real classroom, but in a virtual one. And the participants learn in real-time, face-to-face but via a digital platform. Participants can ask questions and the instructor will answer.

What video conferencing software do you use?

We use Zoom for our Live Online Training classes. Zoom is available via any modern browser, such as Chrome and Safari. We expect most of the participants are familiar with Zoom after Covid-19. There are several hands-on exercises in each of our courses. Therefore, the instructor and the participants will use screen sharing a lot. If you need help, please contact us.

What do I need to do to set up prior to the course?

A course-pack will be sent to your (the main correspondent) via email before the course starts.