BuildWise Server v2.4.3 Free for Self-Use, personal or commercial

BuildWise is a lightweight and easy-to-use Continuous Testing Server. BuildWise stands out from other CI servers with dedicated support for automated functional testing via UI, an important step often neglected in CI. The Dynamic Build Process supported in BuildWise provides team members with early and quick feedback on test execution.

Free and open-source. Run automated tests sequentially on the server does not need BuildWise agents.


BuildWise Agent v2.0.0 - parallel test execution made easy

BuildWise can distribute automated UI tests (in RSpec, Mocha, PyTest, Cucumber and Playwright Test) to multiple machines to execute in parallel to achieve maximum efficiency. BuildWise Agent is the tool to execute tests (allocated from BuildWise Server ) in individual machines. BuildWise Agent is extremely simple to install and configure.

BuildWise Agent is free for 40-mins use (per start, like Zoom). For longer uninterrupted use, purchase for only US$30/month.


3 MB